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Traditional Italian Food Italian Recipes

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Traditional italian food, Italian recipes, near Lake Como Italy.
Here in our farmhouse Il Talento Nella Quiete you can find hospitality, good Milena’s homemade Italian recipes , good wine and much more ….traditional italian food.

In the farm Il Talento Nella Quiete you can eat in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere italian recipes: pasta homemade, breads homemade, pastries homemade, jams homemade, yogurt and fried dumplings homemade. It is just 10 minutes’ drive from Lake Como.

The pasta is handmade by Milena like italian recipes with eggs from our chickens, we prepare the sauce with sausage from our pigs like a traditional italian food. Our farm in the region of Lake Como, the watchword is taste and lightness. In fact, the moderate use of condiments allows us to prepare food very digestible, not giving up the taste that still characterizes our dishes.

The bread like traditional italian food,they serve is made ​​by us with flour ground with a stone mill that come from a farm Lombard Salera, even the pastas are homemade using always the same meal. In season vegetables mostly come from our own garden like a traditional italian food, as well as the berries collected directly from our plants.

The meats we serve produce them with the flesh of our pigs are reared outdoors. Our pigs give us also excellent meat we serve guests in the form of a good roast. The beef usually buy them from breeders in the Intelvi Valley. The chickens give us eggs for breakfast and that we use to make sweets and fresh pasta. We also serve the lamb that comes from our herd of sheep. The cheeses that are used in our restaurant, come from farmers in the Valle D’Intelvi, raw products to preserve the best taste and organoleptic characteristics. The cake that best represents us is the honey parfait .Don’t miss it!!!
Sorry for the Fabio’s English!