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Hiking Lake Como

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Hiking Lake Como offers a enormous variety of hiking possibilities, from easy walks for families to the more difficult ones for skilled hikers. Excursions and trekking, walking between olive trees, an ancient village and lake. Plan your holiday
Walking around Lake Como is a wonderful experience that lets you keep in contact with nature. The hills surrounding the lake offer a lot of places for hiking and more.
The Hiking Lake Como itineraries we present allow you to discover the old connection paths which run along the lake, or the woody hills with their rural settlements, or to the more scenic heights of the mountains along Lake Como. Each itinerary has its own character with historical, artistic and natural features to explore.

Hiking Lake Como

If you wish to be guided by a professional mountain guide you can consult the listing here below or refer to the mountain associations CAI. Hiking Como Lake offers a monthly program of guided excursions with an English speaking guide. Mountain guide in Como Lake area. … They are crazy about mountains as well as nature and outdoor hiking, so much that they have made it their profession: …
The numerous refuges on the mountains are located in strategic points offering facilities and refreshment to travellers who are passing by, or for those reaching their final destination.There are also major mountain routes for mountain hut-to-mountain hut hikes such as the Via dei Monti Lariani (a six day hike from Cernobbio to Sorico),
We are between the Lakes of Lugano and Como a long ridge borders, to the East, a wide valley named Val d’Intelvi, a fine site for summer vacations full of small built up areas, surrounded by a range of low (1200-1700m) mountains with a sweet profiled ridge but with very steep flanks.
This Valle Intelvi is made by many summits : Monte Generoso (1701m) – Monte di Lenno (1589m) – Monte Galbiga (1698m) – Monte di Tremezzo (1700m) – Monte Crocione (1641m) Sasso Gordona (m. 1418)
that can be joined in a fine ridge hiking Lake Como or mountain bike tour.
Monte Generoso is one of the most beautiful hiking Lake Como outstanding panorama summits in Alps. It lies above the east shore of Lugano Lake, in the most southern pocket of Switzerland.
As the Alps strech in a shape of a long arc, Monte Generoso lies just close to its centre. I had an opportunity to stand up there on a clear february morning and, being all around Europe, I can’t remember a summit with a wider panorama. Far on SW the Alps around Monte Viso were clearly seen. The long arc streched over the Gran Paradiso group towards central massifs of Wallis. Monte Rosa with its huge east wall stands high above its surroundings. Sharp peaks of the Mischabel group can be clearly seen and north of them some of the highest peaks of Bern Alps. Tessin and Adula Alps are on NW and N. Towards NE the Bernina group is clearly appearing and only towards east the not so prominent Bergamask Alps are preventing to see further towards east. Toward south the plane of Po river lies and, I could swear, beyond above it white spots were not clouds but the Apenines. Most fascinating, really!
The mountain itself stretches in a N-S direction, along the Lake Lugano and the highest peak lies some 1400 meters above it. The west slopes of the mountain are steep and rocky, other slopes are grassy around the top and below soon sinking into broad forests.
Monte Generoso is great for hiking Lake Como. Many marked paths reach there from all sides. The north ascent is quite a difficult hike, as the path climbs over a few steep and rocky parts where it is secured with steel ropes and pegs. The mountain is also great for other sports, such as mountain biking, parachute gliding etc.
From Orimento (small car parking – 1276m)
Starting from here 2 main routes to the summit (with many variants):
the lower (sentiero basso) very comfortable and easy, with no problems for tourists, leads to the arrival of the railway
the higher (sentiero alto) easy with no snow, can be dangerous with snow or ice, while crossing some narrow but steep channels between the rocks of Baraghetto (the summit N of Generoso)
Rifugio Menaggio from Breglia
Hiking Lake Como  one of the best on the west coast  is the Rifugio Menaggio from Breglia. The word “rifugio” literally means “refuge”. A rifugio in Italy is usually a rustic mountain shelter or rest stop that often includes sleeping facilities, typically bunk beds in a large communal room.
In the mountains above the town of Menaggio, at the foot of Monte Grona, is the Rifugio Menaggio, a place to eat, sleep, drink, relax, and recharge after a long hike. The Rifugio is not technically located in Menaggio, rather it is in the municipality of Plesio 1383 meters above sea level. The Rifugio Menaggio offers some of the most unique and spectacular views of Lake Como. The Rifugio Menaggio offers some of the most unique and spectacular views of Lake Como. If you are and avid hiker visiting Menaggio and the sky is clear, you should not miss a hike up to this Rifugio. Make it either a day trip or an overnight stay that can combine additional hikes to Monte Grona (1,732 m), the church of St. Amate (1,621 m), or Monte Bregagno (2,107 m). The time of the ascent from Breglia to the rifugio is about 2.5 hrs over an elevation gain of 631 m.

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