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Argegno Lake Como

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Argegno little village.
More or less 600 inhabitants on Lake Como, a few kilometres north from Laglio and south from Tremezzo. The little village is on Como’s shore 15 km north of Como city and 50 km north of Milan. A popular destination for tourists, Argegno is situated in a large inlet on the western shore of Lake Como. Village is located at the foot of the Valle d’Intelvi, that joins the Lario with Lake Lugano, that represents a starting point for exploration. The road for Schignano, village that organizes the oldest, most unusual and characteristic carnival of the whole lake, goes up to the Monte Generoso (1700m) that offers a vast view, from the Alps to the Padana plain.
Along the road.
Along the road for Schignano we find the 17th century Sanctuary of Sant’Anna, rich inside with stuccoworks and frescos of the century 17th and 18th century, along with superb carved furniture. It has a pleasant climate and it is mild even in the winter months. With its beautiful panoramic location, one can see from the headland of Bellagio to the north and as far as Nesso towards the south. This antique medieval village has certainly roman origins Roman origin, infact it ownes its name to the consul Publio Cesio Archigene.

Argegno center.

The centre of the village is very picturesque. It is crossed by the Telo stream and is divided into two parts, which are joined by an old stone bridge with a lancet arch. From Argegno, it is possible to take a cable car up to Pigra (881 mts.), which is situated on a plateau that enjoys a beautiful view of the lake and at Pigra instead you can find the Oratorio of San Rocco, that dates back to the 16th century.

Argegno Lake Como

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